Can I use Collabora with ownCloud?

I have Collabora(CODE)(loolwsd 6.4.4/Collabora Office 6.4-20) installed on my server and use it with Nextcloud, but I want to use it with ownCloud as well.

When I try to call up a Collabora file from ownCloud, it only shows the Collabora toolbar. Nextcloud’s Collabora application has an item to set a “global template”. That is not in the ownCloud version. Could this be the cause? Or is it a problem with the description of the Apache reverse proxy?

ownCloud 10.0.6, Collabora Online App 2.4.1

Yes you can use it… An usual issue is the communication between the owncloud server and the Collabora.

From the ownCloud Server, open the Terminal and type.


If you cannot entablish the connection. Well, you should to take a look into the /etc/hosts file, DNS settings, Firewalls, Routers etc. to see where the problem is.

Cesar Erwin

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Thank you for reply.

The Collabora toolbar is visible. However, the menu is not responding.
If I can see the Collabora toolbar, then there is nothing wrong with establishing a connection with the server itself.

I get a “CODE initializing” splash screen when I try to open office or PDF file using Collabora by Firefox.

The following is the website I referred to.

I also run Nextcloud and have Collabora running in NC as well. Some editing was required in my Nextcloud.

I specified the following. This is working fine.

    # download, presentation and image upload
    location ^~ /lool {
        proxy_pass https://localhost:9980;
        proxy_set_header Host $http_host;

I can’t open a file with only the toolbar showing unless it’s the above.

I am warned that I am an “unauthorized WOPI host” when I use this for ownCloud.

How should I specify “lool” when calling from ownCloud?

I was able to solve it myself.

By editing /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml I was able to use Collabora from both ownCloud and Nextcloud.

I wrote the following in the storage section:

<host desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny." allow="true">127\.0\.0\.1</host>
<host desc="Regex pattern of hostname to allow or deny." allow="true">owncloud\.myserver\.com</host>

A new problem was uncovered. That is, the user can’t generate new collabora files.
Existing files can also be opened and edited. However, if the user tries to generate a new collabora file in ownCloud, nothing works.
Select Office in the application menu in the upper left corner to enter the office mode.
If the user tries to create a new file here, a dialog box will appear saying, “Can’t create document.”
This means that users will not be able to create new Collabora files in any location.

Where is the cause of this?

I have seen a similar problem with Nextcloud. In Nextcloud, when a user tries to create a new Collabora file, it generates a ghost file that cannot be opened. The user can open the file by reloading the browser. In ownCloud, the file is not generated when the user reloads the browser.

Is the cause in the Connect app or in Collabora itself?