Can not play mp4 Video in oC

I have uploaded several videos to owncloud. But it is not possible to play them in ownCloud. I always have to download them first.
I created the videos with OpenShot Video Editor and exported to mp4 [HD 1080p 25fps].
Would be great if someone could fix it.


what version of ownCloud are you on?

Have you enabled the gallery app?

From where are you accessing ownCloud?

do you have the videoplayer app installed/enabled?
Which browser do you use?

I just use Firefox via Ubuntu. I didn't install anything extra.

Well, try installing / enabling and see if the problem solves it self :slight_smile:

And where do I get the plugin/extension. There is no notification or link.

in the upper left corner you get the "apps" or "market".

There you find all you need

Okay - the owncloud video player is installed - but as you can see from the message your browser cannot deal with this video format. You might want to try a different browser?

Chromium plays the video but no sound.

There is really not much we can do. Browsers support different audio/video codecs.

Are you running ownCloud on a raspberry pi?

Ubuntu 16 is on my laptop

Alright, thought the videoplayer is an implementation of oC and uses somehow it's own codecs. Well I will just continue to download the videos an use VLC.