Can not upgrade from 10.0.4

I see news that OC 10.0.7 is now released. When I run apt-get update I can only see 10.0.5 and upgrading to that version will fail because package can't be found. I'm running ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Am I doing something wrong or has ubuntu repository not updated yet with new server version?


When you see the news that a new OC Version is out - what does this mean?

It means basically that the tar ball has been build and is available.

The packages take longer to build and tested and be available for you to upgrade.
Only if the new OC Version is perfectly fine, the packages are build and you can upgrade safely.

If you want to know if they are ready - you can check this site

Thank you dmitry! This answered my question. I see the package for ubuntu is not released yet.