Can ownCloud delete files by itself?


I can’t find my problem discussed in the topics/comments, so I address it here:

ownCloud (500, Version 10.13) seems to delete files by itself – is that possible? In the course of synchronising problems, we checked the activity report - ownCloud listed me as having deleted all missing files. So 4 days ago, I deleted approx. 100 files, says the Activity report – but I have not deleted any single file! Does anyone have experience with that?

I don’t have any other problem with my laptop so I would not say that I might have been hacked but this is sincerely a very stupid situation for me. I restored all the files now and need to hope that partners trust me that I really have not deleted any single file.

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I, too, had many files spontaneously deleted, and the folders (directories) where they were located remained, but became empty.

I’ve had this situation happen 4 times already with different users. The last spontaneous deletion of files was experienced by a user with client installed on Windows-10.0.18362

I don’t know if the problem is in the client or server, but I opened a topic on github.
If your problem is similar to mine, write to my github topic so that the developers have more information.

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