Can somebody give step by step installation guide for RHEL 7 and ownCloud 9.1?

Hi everyone!
Can somebody help with installation guide (step by step) for RHEL 7 (just installed)?
Before this moment i had to use 14.04, but it has some problems, so my server with oC 8.2 died =\
Now i want to try install oC 9.1 to RHEL 7.1, but where is no any clear step by step guide with installing all packages and it`s configuratios.
I read through the admins notes, but there is no clean s-t-s guide for recommended setup =(
I will be very grateful for your help in lerning how to do it)


what infos / clear steps are you missing in:

I have read it, but I dont get it because there are too many notes.
There is a good step bu step guide for Linux:
But there is 14.04 guide and a piece of information for RHEL 7, so I need something like that with installation-guide.
Or terminal commands for Ubuntu 14.04 and RHEL 7 are similar?

I wrote this guide for some others having issues.