Can`t share a a folder to a (new) user

Hi everyone,
I`m running oC 9.1.5. Recently I experienced the following issue:

When I create a new user which I want to share a folder with, the auto fill in at the share dialog doesn´t work. If I select an older user (which I created before the update), everything is perfect and works fine. Even if I write the whole (new) username in the field, it turns red and answers (no user or group found). But it is there in the list. Double checked it. Auto fill in is activated in the settings. Never experienced this issue before.

It seems to me, that every new user cannot be chosen in the share dialog. Tested it with three.

Any ideas? Missing further info?

Thanks for responding in advance,
Darien Pfirrmann

Hi, solved the "problem" on my own. The issue was sitting in front of the computer :). Deactiviated "Restrict users to only share with users in their groups" in admin panel did it for me :).

Thanks anyway.


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