Can the desktop client be used without a login?

This is a very basic question of usage. We have owncloud server set up locally and our users are very pleased with it. They are able to share amongst themselves, use the desktop clients and sometimes use the web interface to share a limited set of files with remote users. We now are facing a project that will involve many remote users and we would prefer to not give each a login. We could just scale up our previous use case and send each a link to share a directory. If we don't give each user a login, are they then unable to use the desktop client in this context?

Yes, they are unable to use the desktop client. The desktop client requires a login to log in to the Owncloud server.

You could use the guest app to handle the remote users, at least thats our/my recommendation.
That is a login, but the users are rather restricted.

I see a fairly new guest app that is marked tested on version 10. We are running version 8. Is 10 a prerequisite?

I see in the description that:
"Guest users do not have storage space and can only work in contents that are shared with them."

I'm not sure that gives them enough permissions to work effectively. They might need to upload new documents.

Yes. 10 is a prerequisit. You can directly upgrade from 8.2 to 10. If you use an even older version then upgrade is strongly encouraged and you need to go through each of the major versions = 8.1 then 8.2 and then to 10.

The guests can upload into any folder you share with them.

Thanks very much for this information. The CE repository now shows that I can upgrade directly to 10.0.3-1.1

Past upgrades have gone smoothly. If you have any extra wisdom here on this upgrade, please let me know.

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