Cannot connect to my Server via Webdav by the official iOS App

Hi guys, I set up my ownCloud server on ubuntu, everything works well, I can visit my files via browser on my Mac.
But when I used this url to access the server via iOS App, it didn't works.
I found the apache2 got this url when the App try to connect, and the server returns 401 code.

When I type in the browser on my IPhone, it returns This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the ownCloud desktop sync client.

So, is that the iOS App had a bug of connecting to Server? If not, how can I resolve it ?

1. I don't know why the App append status.php at the end of the webdav url?
2. I can use other App connect to my own Server via webdav.

Correct. This file must exist and must be accessable for the app to work. This will always be the case for a default setup, maybe you didn't configure it that way due to the special port you are using ...

thank you!
so doyou know how to resolve it ?

ok, I know how to do with it.
Different from other webdav apps, the official app just need to type to access the own Server. Because the status.php was locate at the root of the website.