Cannot connect to server via client

NEW TO THIS. Just installed owncloud via virtualbox on windows 10. setup is complete and i am able to access server via webportal. when i try to access server to add files with the client i get a “untrusted certificate” in which i say trust anyway. once i am logged in it states “No connection to Owncloud at https://***..., server replied “404 not found” to " PROPFIND https://***.../remote.php/webdav/”
not sure where to go from here.

Hey, can you open the link after the PROPFIND in your browser?

No, Im getting this error after a unsafe certificate screen which i proceed anyway.

Not Found
The requested URL /remote.php/webdav/ was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.25 (Univention) Server at Port 443

From what i know about the appliance you need to append /owncloud to the URL, so you need to use:


instead of


Not sure how to do that… Could you send a how to link or info. Thanks

try this

Only when I on my lan can I connect to the portal. But still not the client to set up files

I can log into my web portal and access my own cloud files but only the default ones are there I don’t have access to the client to add my own files and databases

What exactly is your issue here?

As far as I understand this is a new instance - so no files of you can be there, because this is new, right?

Also - as what user are you logging in? Admin? Owncloud? A new user?

Everything is setup correctly the cloud is working I can log into it but there’s nothing there. I need to be able to access the server with my client so I can make files and a database. I just need to be able to point owncloud to where all my files are. But my client doesn’t see my server even if it’s installed on the same computer because owncloud is on virtualbox. I keep getting a server not found error 404. So I’m unable to connect to set up my database.

As for your second question I can log on as admin or a user and it doesn’t change anything. I can’t connect via either user.

Also, I just found out I cannot access my database through the owncloud web portal outside of my lan. So anything over the web I do not have access to my owncloud. Says it’s insecure connection

Please make yourself familiar with the documentation

I have gone through the documentation., I don’t understand most of it. Im a windows guy, hence why I went with the appliance. I haven’t had any command line experience since I worked with dos in windows 98. If you could just point me in the right direction I could probably figure it out. But I’m not sure where to start. Thank you for your patience.

Okay, where did you setup the appliance?

Local on Virtual Box in as a VM?

Where is the Client?

In the same LAN?

The appliance works out of the box. The certificate is a self signed certificate, that’s why you are getting that warning.

You need a user and a password, the default user is owncloud with the password owncloud.

the address is IP/owncloud or domainname/owncloud.

What client are you using?