Cannot delete folder


as it says in the title, I cannot delete one Folder in my ownCloud. I saw a solution online but that didn't help me because there is no "php_value magic_quotes_gpc" in my .htaccess
I assume it has to do something with the version but I didn't find anything newer.

If you have an account at you must set
php_value magic_quotes_gpc Off
in your .htaccess, then you can delete files.
Testet with owncloud 5.0.6
Link to the "solution"

My ownCloud Version is: 9.0.5



please fill out the complete issue template shown when creating a new thread in the "oC server" category. Currently most information about your environment, what "cannot delete" means and possible logentries are missing.

Without such information its not possible to help here (especially as no one in here can guess what "cannot delete" in your case means).