Cannot find, access or edit config.php

I need help...

Totally new guy to this....

I'm a windows user, setup freenas, added owncloud to it, all works fine until I try to access from the outside world.

Apparently I need to add my wan ip to the config.php file.

i have been googling myself to death for the last week trying to figure out how to gain access to this file.

imo this should be something that should be able to be done from the admin interface but unfortunately thats not a reality from what i see.

can someone be so kind as to lay this out "kindergarden style" for me?


This is already in planning / preparation:

They are currently discussing to move the config stuff into the database. Then all the stuff will be configurable from within ownCloud.

Unfortunately this is not possible as no one in here can guess where you have placed the files of ownCloud. To run ownCloud at least basic linux knowledge is needed. Then you can use tools like "find" or "locate" to search and locate the config.php file.