Cannot find config.php File

I'm trying to find my config.php for two weeks. Now i am very desperate. I'm searching for it in
/var/www/owncloud/config/config.php but it does not exist. Even in other directories i could not find my config.php. If i searching this file with "find -name config.php" command then i get different results.

At least i found more than one config.php file . But wich one is the right file ?
I'm trying to open it via ssh (putty) but this file is gray , not green or blue and cannot be opened. I can only see the content via "cat" command.

Please can somebody help me in this Issue ?

Thanks very much !

Well - then it is not there. Did you already install owncloud? Does it work properly?
config.php is generated during installation ...

This depends on your current directory. You could try

find /var/www/owncloud/ -type f -name config.php