Cannot hide index.php form url

Hi, i've recently updated to 9.1.x oC server. I've see on the docs that now it's supporting the index.php hiding.

My owncloud is installed on, so i want to rewrite it at /

I've added to the config this:
'htaccess.RewriteBase' => '/',

and after the command ./occ maintenance:update:htaccess, but, the index.php is still here.

I'm on apache 2.4, with php7 fpm.


thats probably your issue. Try to switch to Apache + mod_php (officially supported) or nginx + php-fpm (community supported) which are doing their jobs right by doing the correct index.php-less URLs.

For fpm on Apache you probably need some one writing some steps or do some research on your own.

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How did you install ownCloud? Did you set AllowOverride All for the ownCloud-folder?

i've just do some testing:
mod_php & php5.6 -> working, but slow compared others
fastcgi & php7 -> working
fpm & php7/php5.6 -> not working

why the last solution is not working? it should be the same as fastcgi for the application.