Cannot install apps from Market after upgrade to 10.0.8


Steps to reproduce

I updated my ownCloud installation from to 10.0.8 using the built-in upgrade mechanism (via web UI).
Since I knew from previous updates that my custom theme always leads to problems (which is a nuisance in itself) I deactivated it before the upgrade.
As I had problems with the Gallery app after the upgrade I also tried deactivating it before the upgrade (I tried several times to do the upgrade successfully).

Expected behaviour

During the upgrade, installed apps should also be upgraded. If this is not possible (for whatever reason) it should at least be possible to install the app again after the upgrade.

Actual behaviour

After the upgrade, the Gallery app is not shown in the Apps administration anymore (neither active nor inactive). When I try to install the app again from the Market, it reports that the installation is successful. But the app is still not shown in the Apps administration page.
Using an FTP client I found out that an extensive folder structure is created under /apps/gallery but all folders are empty. In the ownCloud log file I found the following entry:

{“reqId”:“W1XElrL@ANIAAGe8G7MAAADP”,“level”:3,“time”:“2018-07-23T12:05:44+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:“cloud-admin”,“app”:“PHP”,“method”:“POST”,“url”:"/index.php/apps/market/apps/gallery/install",“message”:“Argument 2 passed to OC_App::executeRepairSteps() must be of the type array, null given, called in /hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/lib/private/Installer.php on line 157 and defined at /hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/lib/private/legacy/app.php#1072”}

To double-check, I tried installing a different app (the “Reader (ebook reader)” app). The error is the same. It looks as if I can’t install any apps anymore.

As a workaround, I downloaded the content of the “gallery” folder before upgrading ownCloud and uploaded it again after the upgrade. But this also did not help. The Gallery app was still not shown on the Apps administration page.

Server configuration

I don’t know the exact server configuration, as it is an installation on a webhosting packet.

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Updated from

Where did you install ownCloud from:
Initially using an auto-installer provided by my webhoster. Updates installed via ownCloud web UI.

The content of config/config.php:
I have to remove parts that I think are not important due to the 32.000 characters limit.

“basic”: {
“date”: “Mon, 23 Jul 2018 12:24:19 +0000”,
“ownCloud version”: “”,
“ownCloud version string”: “10.0.8”,
“ownCloud edition”: “Community”,
“server OS”: “Linux”,
“server OS version”: “Linux sh16-64 4.4.0-128-generic #154-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 25 14:15:18 UTC 2018 x86_64”,
“server SAPI”: “cgi-fcgi”,
“webserver version”: “Apache”,
“hostname”: “”,
“user count”: 62,
“user directories”: 62,
“logged-in user”: “cloud-admin”
“config”: {
“instanceid”: “ocivuvnu9eg0”,
“passwordsalt”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“trusted_domains”: [
“datadirectory”: “/hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/”,
“overwrite.cli.url”: “”,
“dbtype”: “mysql”,
“version”: “”,
“dbname”: “db240553x2688387”,
“dbhost”: “”,
“dbtableprefix”: “tivj_”,
“logtimezone”: “UTC”,
“installed”: true,
“mail_smtpmode”: “smtp”,
“mail_smtpsecure”: “tls”,
“mail_from_address”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“mail_smtpauthtype”: “LOGIN”,
“mail_smtpauth”: 1,
“mail_smtphost”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“mail_smtpport”: “25”,
“mail_smtpname”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“mail_smtppassword”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“skeletondirectory”: “/hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/”,
“loglevel”: 2,
“maintenance”: false,
“excluded_directories”: [
“updater.secret”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE
“integritychecker”: {
“passing”: false,
“enabled”: true,
“result”: {
“core”: {
“expected”: “”,
“current”: “4dac05477d0972fa49ed8e71b699581bad4b6fb0bfbd0d301ed228197ac987d8319913c6abd285481d8380acc5f2d8a3188902a48446052bb80335718cc09610”
“theme-sottovoce”: {
“class”: “OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\MissingSignatureException”,
“message”: “Signature data not found.”
“core”: {
“backgroundjobs_mode”: “webcron”,
“enable_external_storage”: “no”,
“installedat”: “1516736672.3307”,
“lastcron”: “1532348102”,
“lastupdateResult”: “[]”,
“lastupdatedat”: “1532348614”,
“public_files”: “files_sharing/public.php”,
“public_webdav”: “dav/appinfo/v1/publicwebdav.php”,
“shareapi_allow_public_upload”: “no”,
“shareapi_allow_resharing”: “no”,
“shareapi_allow_social_share”: “no”,
“shareapi_enforce_links_password_read_only”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“shareapi_enforce_links_password_read_write”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“shareapi_enforce_links_password_write_only”: “REMOVED SENSITIVE VALUE”,
“shareapi_only_share_with_group_members”: “yes”,
“shareapi_only_share_with_membership_groups”: “yes”,
“umgmt_send_email”: “false”,
“umgmt_show_backend”: “false”,
“umgmt_show_email”: “true”,
“umgmt_show_is_enabled”: “false”,
“umgmt_show_last_login”: “true”,
“umgmt_show_storage_location”: “false”,
“updater.secret.created”: “1532346728”,
“vendor”: “owncloud”
“apps”: [
“phpinfo”: {
“bcmath”: {
“BCMath support”: “enabled”,
“bcmath.scale”: “0”
“bz2”: {
“BZip2 Support”: “Enabled”,
“Stream Wrapper support”: “compress.bzip2://”,
“Stream Filter support”: “bzip2.decompress, bzip2.compress”,
“BZip2 Version”: “1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010”
“calendar”: {
“Calendar support”: “enabled”
“cgi-fcgi”: {
“cgi.check_shebang_line”: “1”,
“cgi.discard_path”: “0”,
“cgi.fix_pathinfo”: “1”,
“cgi.force_redirect”: “1”,
“cgi.nph”: “0”,
“cgi.redirect_status_env”: “no value”,
“cgi.rfc2616_headers”: “0”,
“fastcgi.logging”: “1”
“Core”: {
“PHP Version”: “5.6.36”,
“allow_url_fopen”: “On”,
“allow_url_include”: “Off”,
“always_populate_raw_post_data”: “-1”,
“arg_separator.input”: “&”,
“arg_separator.output”: “&”,
“asp_tags”: “Off”,
“auto_append_file”: “no value”,
“auto_globals_jit”: “On”,
“auto_prepend_file”: “no value”,
“browscap”: “no value”,
“default_charset”: “UTF-8”,
“default_mimetype”: “text/html”,
“disable_classes”: “no value”,
“disable_functions”: “pcntl_alarm,pcntl_fork,pcntl_waitpid,pcntl_wait,pcntl_wifexited,pcntl_wifstopped,pcntl_wifsignaled,pcntl_wexitstatus,pcntl_wtermsig,pcntl_wstopsig,pcntl_signal,pcntl_signal_dispatch,pcntl_get_last_error,pcntl_strerror,pcntl_sigprocmask,pcntl_sigwaitinfo,pcntl_sigtimedwait,pcntl_exec,pcntl_getpriority,pcntl_setpriority,”,
“display_errors”: “Off”,
“display_startup_errors”: “Off”,
“doc_root”: “no value”,
“docref_ext”: “no value”,
“docref_root”: “no value”,
“enable_dl”: “Off”,
“enable_post_data_reading”: “On”,
“error_append_string”: “no value”,
“error_log”: “no value”,
“error_prepend_string”: “no value”,
“error_reporting”: [
“exit_on_timeout”: “Off”,
“expose_php”: “Off”,
“extension_dir”: “/opt/php5.6.36/lib/php/20131226”,
“file_uploads”: “On”,
“highlight.comment”: “#FF8000”,
“highlight.default”: “#0000BB”,
“highlight.html”: “#000000”,
“highlight.keyword”: “#007700”,
“highlight.string”: “#DD0000”,
“html_errors”: “On”,
“ignore_repeated_errors”: “Off”,
“ignore_repeated_source”: “Off”,
“ignore_user_abort”: “Off”,
“implicit_flush”: “Off”,
“input_encoding”: “no value”,
“internal_encoding”: “no value”,
“log_errors”: “On”,
“log_errors_max_len”: “1024”,
“mail.add_x_header”: “On”,
“mail.force_extra_parameters”: “no value”,
“mail.log”: “no value”,
“max_execution_time”: [
“max_file_uploads”: “2000”,
“max_input_nesting_level”: “64”,
“max_input_time”: “60”,
“max_input_vars”: “1000”,
“memory_limit”: [
“open_basedir”: “no value”,
“output_buffering”: [
“output_encoding”: “no value”,
“output_handler”: “no value”,
“post_max_size”: [
“precision”: “14”,
“realpath_cache_size”: “16K”,
“realpath_cache_ttl”: “120”,
“register_argc_argv”: “Off”,
“report_memleaks”: “On”,
“report_zend_debug”: “On”,
“request_order”: “GP”,
“sendmail_from”: “no value”,
“sendmail_path”: “/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i”,
“serialize_precision”: “17”,
“short_open_tag”: “Off”,
“SMTP”: “localhost”,
“smtp_port”: “25”,
“sql.safe_mode”: “Off”,
“sys_temp_dir”: “no value”,
“track_errors”: “Off”,
“unserialize_callback_func”: “no value”,
“upload_max_filesize”: [
“upload_tmp_dir”: “no value”,
“user_dir”: “no value”,
“user_ini.cache_ttl”: “300”,
“user_ini.filename”: “.user.ini”,
“variables_order”: “GPCS”,
“xmlrpc_error_number”: “0”,
“xmlrpc_errors”: “Off”,
“zend.detect_unicode”: “On”,
“zend.enable_gc”: “On”,
“zend.multibyte”: “Off”,
“zend.script_encoding”: “no value”
“ctype”: {
“ctype functions”: “enabled”
“curl”: {
“cURL support”: “enabled”,
“cURL Information”: “7.47.0”,
“Age”: “3”,
“Features”: null,
“AsynchDNS”: “Yes”,
“CharConv”: “No”,
“Debug”: “No”,
“GSS-Negotiate”: “No”,
“IDN”: “Yes”,
“IPv6”: “Yes”,
“krb4”: “No”,
“Largefile”: “Yes”,
“libz”: “Yes”,
“NTLM”: “Yes”,
“NTLMWB”: “Yes”,
“SPNEGO”: “Yes”,
“SSL”: “Yes”,
“SSPI”: “No”,
“TLS-SRP”: “Yes”,
“Protocols”: “dict, file, ftp, ftps, gopher, http, https, imap, imaps, ldap, ldaps, pop3, pop3s, rtmp, rtsp, smb, smbs, smtp, smtps, telnet, tftp”,
“Host”: “x86_64-pc-linux-gnu”,
“SSL Version”: “OpenSSL/1.0.2g”,
“ZLib Version”: “1.2.8”
“date”: {
“date/time support”: “enabled”,
““Olson” Timezone Database Version”: “2016.10”,
“Timezone Database”: “internal”,
“Default timezone”: “UTC”,
“date.default_latitude”: “50”,
“date.default_longitude”: “-8”,
“date.sunrise_zenith”: “90.583333”,
“date.sunset_zenith”: “90.583333”,
“date.timezone”: “Europe/Berlin”
“dba”: {
“DBA support”: “enabled”,
“Supported handlers”: “cdb cdb_make inifile flatfile”,
“dba.default_handler”: “flatfile”
“dom”: {
“DOM/XML”: “enabled”,
“DOM/XML API Version”: “20031129”,
“libxml Version”: “2.9.3”,
“HTML Support”: “enabled”,
“XPath Support”: “enabled”,
“XPointer Support”: “enabled”,
“Schema Support”: “enabled”,
“RelaxNG Support”: “enabled”
“ereg”: {
“Regex Library”: “Bundled library enabled”
“exif”: {
“EXIF Support”: “enabled”,
“EXIF Version”: “1.4 $Id: e535278fc9664f5b7e5ddcdb6baec07426b8efd6 $”,
“Supported EXIF Version”: “0220”,
“Supported filetypes”: “JPEG,TIFF”,
“exif.decode_jis_intel”: “JIS”,
“exif.decode_jis_motorola”: “JIS”,
“exif.decode_unicode_intel”: “UCS-2LE”,
“exif.decode_unicode_motorola”: “UCS-2BE”,
“exif.encode_jis”: “no value”,
“exif.encode_unicode”: “ISO-8859-15”
“fileinfo”: {
“fileinfo support”: “enabled”,
“version”: “1.0.5”,
“libmagic”: “517”
“filter”: {
“Input Validation and Filtering”: “enabled”,
“Revision”: “$Id: 5b79667bd9a68977a9b4f7505223a8e216e04908 $”,
“filter.default”: “unsafe_raw”,
“filter.default_flags”: “no value”
“ftp”: {
“FTP support”: “enabled”
“gd”: {
“GD Support”: “enabled”,
“GD Version”: “bundled (2.1.0 compatible)”,
“FreeType Support”: “enabled”,
“FreeType Linkage”: “with freetype”,
“FreeType Version”: “2.6.1”,
“GIF Read Support”: “enabled”,
“GIF Create Support”: “enabled”,
“JPEG Support”: “enabled”,
“libJPEG Version”: “8”,
“PNG Support”: “enabled”,
“libPNG Version”: “1.2.54”,
“WBMP Support”: “enabled”,
“XBM Support”: “enabled”,
“gd.jpeg_ignore_warning”: [
“gettext”: {
“GetText Support”: “enabled”
“hash”: {
“hash support”: “enabled”,
“Hashing Engines”: “md2 md4 md5 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 ripemd128 ripemd160 ripemd256 ripemd320 whirlpool tiger128,3 tiger160,3 tiger192,3 tiger128,4 tiger160,4 tiger192,4 snefru snefru256 gost gost-crypto adler32 crc32 crc32b fnv132 fnv1a32 fnv164 fnv1a64 joaat haval128,3 haval160,3 haval192,3 haval224,3 haval256,3 haval128,4 haval160,4 haval192,4 haval224,4 haval256,4 haval128,5 haval160,5 haval192,5 haval224,5 haval256,5”
“iconv”: {
“iconv support”: “enabled”,
“iconv implementation”: “glibc”,
“iconv library version”: “2.23”,
“iconv.input_encoding”: “no value”,
“iconv.internal_encoding”: “no value”,
“iconv.output_encoding”: “no value”
“imap”: {
“IMAP c-Client Version”: “2007f”,
“SSL Support”: “enabled”,
“Kerberos Support”: “enabled”
“intl”: {
“version”: “1.1.0”,
“ICU version”: “55.1”,
“ICU Data version”: “55.1”,
“intl.default_locale”: “no value”,
“intl.error_level”: “0”,
“intl.use_exceptions”: “0”
“json”: {
“json support”: “enabled”,
“json version”: “1.2.1”
“ldap”: {
“LDAP Support”: “enabled”,
“RCS Version”: “$Id: 03ca03d3adee59787d58cd342d8f864c5d96252a $”,
“Total Links”: “0/unlimited”,
“API Version”: “3001”,
“Vendor Name”: “OpenLDAP”,
“Vendor Version”: “20442”,
“SASL Support”: “Enabled”,
“ldap.max_links”: “Unlimited”
“libxml”: {
“libXML support”: “active”,
“libXML Compiled Version”: “2.9.3”,
“libXML Loaded Version”: “20903”,
“libXML streams”: “enabled”
“mbstring”: {
“Multibyte Support”: “enabled”,
“Multibyte string engine”: “libmbfl”,
“HTTP input encoding translation”: “disabled”,
“libmbfl version”: “1.3.2”,
“Multibyte (japanese) regex support”: “enabled”,
“Multibyte regex (oniguruma) backtrack check”: “On”,
“Multibyte regex (oniguruma) version”: “5.9.5”,
“mbstring.detect_order”: “no value”,
“mbstring.encoding_translation”: “Off”,
“mbstring.func_overload”: “0”,
“mbstring.http_input”: “no value”,
“mbstring.http_output”: “no value”,
“mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes”: “^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml)”,
“mbstring.internal_encoding”: “no value”,
“mbstring.language”: “neutral”,
“mbstring.strict_detection”: “Off”,
“mbstring.substitute_character”: “no value”
“mcrypt”: {
“Version”: “2.5.8”,
“Api No”: “20021217”,
“Supported ciphers”: “cast-128 gost rijndael-128 twofish arcfour cast-256 loki97 rijndael-192 saferplus wake blowfish-compat des rijndael-256 serpent xtea blowfish enigma rc2 tripledes”,
“Supported modes”: “cbc cfb ctr ecb ncfb nofb ofb stream”,
“mcrypt.algorithms_dir”: “no value”,
“mcrypt.modes_dir”: “no value”
“mhash”: {
“MHASH support”: “Enabled”,
“MHASH API Version”: “Emulated Support”
“mssql”: {
“Active Persistent Links”: “0”,
“Active Links”: “0”,
“Library version”: “FreeTDS”,
“mssql.allow_persistent”: “On”,
“mssql.batchsize”: “0”,
“mssql.charset”: “no value”,
“mssql.compatability_mode”: “Off”,
“mssql.compatibility_mode”: “Off”,
“mssql.connect_timeout”: “5”,
“mssql.datetimeconvert”: “On”,
“mssql.max_links”: “Unlimited”,
“mssql.max_persistent”: “Unlimited”,
“mssql.max_procs”: “Unlimited”,
“mssql.min_error_severity”: “10”,
“mssql.min_message_severity”: “10”,
“mssql.secure_connection”: “Off”,
“mssql.textlimit”: “Server default”,
“mssql.textsize”: “Server default”,
“mssql.timeout”: “60”
“mysql”: {
“Active Persistent Links”: “0”,
“Active Links”: “0”,
“Client API version”: “mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $”,
“mysql.allow_local_infile”: “On”,
“mysql.allow_persistent”: “On”,
“mysql.connect_timeout”: “60”,
“mysql.default_host”: “no value”,
“mysql.default_password”: “no value”,
“mysql.default_port”: “no value”,
“mysql.default_socket”: “/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock”,
“mysql.default_user”: “no value”,
“mysql.max_links”: “Unlimited”,
“mysql.max_persistent”: “Unlimited”,
“mysql.trace_mode”: “Off”
“mysqli”: {
“Client API library version”: “mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $”,
“Active Persistent Links”: “0”,
“Inactive Persistent Links”: “0”,
“Active Links”: “0”,
“mysqli.allow_local_infile”: “On”,
“mysqli.allow_persistent”: “On”,
“mysqli.default_host”: “no value”,
“mysqli.default_port”: “3306”,
“mysqli.default_pw”: “no value”,
“mysqli.default_socket”: “/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock”,
“mysqli.default_user”: “no value”,
“mysqli.max_links”: “Unlimited”,
“mysqli.max_persistent”: “Unlimited”,
“mysqli.reconnect”: “Off”,
“mysqli.rollback_on_cached_plink”: “Off”
“mysqlnd”: {
“odbc”: {
“openssl”: {
“OpenSSL support”: “enabled”,
“OpenSSL Library Version”: “OpenSSL 1.0.2g 1 Mar 2016”,
“OpenSSL Header Version”: “OpenSSL 1.0.2g 1 Mar 2016”,
“Openssl default config”: “/usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf”,
“openssl.cafile”: “no value”,
“openssl.capath”: “no value”
“pcre”: {
“PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Support”: “enabled”,
“PCRE Library Version”: “8.38 2015-11-23”,
“pcre.backtrack_limit”: “1000000”,
“pcre.recursion_limit”: “100000”
“PDO”: {
“PDO drivers”: “dblib, mysql, odbc, pgsql, sqlite”
“pdo_dblib”: {
“Flavour”: “freetds”
“pdo_mysql”: {
“Client API version”: “mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $”,
“pdo_mysql.default_socket”: “/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock”
“ODBC Connection Pooling”: “Enabled, strict matching”
“pdo_pgsql”: {
“PostgreSQL(libpq) Version”: “9.5.13”,
“Module version”: “1.0.2”,
“Revision”: " $Id: 0e858dd2051ca8c2fd3c781909a0670ab5fecd36 $"
“pdo_sqlite”: {
“SQLite Library”: “”
“pgsql”: {
“Phar”: {
“posix”: {
“Revision”: “$Id: 5f4acc20904b1406142f2a0ede068db048c77e77 $”
“pspell”: {
“PSpell Support”: “enabled”
“Reflection”: {
“Version”: “$Id: 5f15287237d5f78d75b19c26915aa7bd83dee8b8 $”
“session”: {
“Session Support”: “enabled”,
“Registered save handlers”: “files user”,
“Registered serializer handlers”: “php_serialize php php_binary wddx”,
“session.auto_start”: “Off”,
“session.cache_expire”: “180”,
“session.cache_limiter”: “nocache”,
“session.cookie_domain”: “no value”,
“session.cookie_httponly”: [
“session.cookie_lifetime”: “0”,
“session.cookie_path”: “/”,
“session.cookie_secure”: [
“session.entropy_file”: “/dev/urandom”,
“session.entropy_length”: “32”,
“session.gc_divisor”: “1000”,
“session.gc_maxlifetime”: “1440”,
“session.gc_probability”: “0”,
“session.hash_bits_per_character”: “5”,
“session.hash_function”: “0”,
“”: [
“session.referer_check”: “no value”,
“session.save_handler”: “files”,
“session.save_path”: “/var/lib/php5”,
“session.serialize_handler”: “php”,
“session.upload_progress.cleanup”: “On”,
“session.upload_progress.enabled”: “On”,
“session.upload_progress.freq”: “1%”,
“session.upload_progress.min_freq”: “1”,
“session.upload_progress.prefix”: “upload_progress_”,
“session.use_cookies”: “On”,
“session.use_only_cookies”: “On”,
“session.use_strict_mode”: “Off”,
“session.use_trans_sid”: “0”
“shmop”: {
“shmop support”: “enabled”
“SimpleXML”: {
“Revision”: “$Id: d7077fc935154236afb4fe70814ba358efdbdca4 $”,
“Schema support”: “enabled”
“snmp”: {
“NET-SNMP Support”: “enabled”,
“NET-SNMP Version”: “5.7.3”,
“PHP SNMP Version”: “0.1”
“soap”: {
“Soap Client”: “enabled”,
“Soap Server”: “enabled”,
“soap.wsdl_cache”: “1”,
“soap.wsdl_cache_dir”: “/tmp”,
“soap.wsdl_cache_enabled”: “1”,
“soap.wsdl_cache_limit”: “5”,
“soap.wsdl_cache_ttl”: “86400”
“sockets”: {
“Sockets Support”: “enabled”
“SPL”: {
“sqlite3”: {
“SQLite3 module version”: “0.7-dev”,
“SQLite Library”: “”,
“sqlite3.extension_dir”: “no value”
“standard”: {
“Dynamic Library Support”: “enabled”,
“Path to sendmail”: “/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i”,
“”: “1”,
“assert.bail”: “0”,
“assert.callback”: “no value”,
“assert.quiet_eval”: “0”,
“assert.warning”: “1”,
“auto_detect_line_endings”: “0”,
“default_socket_timeout”: “60”,
“from”: “no value”,
“url_rewriter.tags”: “a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry”,
“user_agent”: “no value”
“sysvmsg”: {
“sysvmsg support”: “enabled”,
“Revision”: “$Id: 58590192720bc56939152fde3645d808b348bb9b $”
“tidy”: {
“libTidy Release”: “25 March 2009”,
“Extension Version”: “2.0 ($Id: 57f050b275c6da348310461a64aaad21feef8091 $)”,
“tidy.clean_output”: “no value”,
“tidy.default_config”: “no value”
“tokenizer”: {
“Tokenizer Support”: “enabled”
“wddx”: {
“WDDX Session Serializer”: “enabled”
“xml”: {
“XML Support”: “active”,
“XML Namespace Support”: “active”,
“libxml2 Version”: “2.9.3”
“xmlreader”: {
“XMLReader”: “enabled”
“xmlrpc”: {
“core library version”: “xmlrpc-epi v. 0.51”,
“php extension version”: “0.51”,
“author”: “Dan Libby”,
“homepage”: “”,
“open sourced by”: “
“xmlwriter”: {
“XMLWriter”: “enabled”
“xsl”: {
“XSL”: “enabled”,
“libxslt Version”: “1.1.28”,
“libxslt compiled against libxml Version”: “2.9.3”,
“EXSLT”: “enabled”,
“libexslt Version”: “1.1.28”
“Zend Guard Loader”: {
“Zend Guard Loader”: “enabled”,
“License Path”: “no value”,
“Obfuscation level”: “0”
“Zend OPcache”: {
“zip”: {
“Zip”: “enabled”,
“Zip version”: “1.12.5”,
“Libzip version”: “0.11.2”
“zlib”: {
“Stream Wrapper”: “compress.zlib://”,
“Stream Filter”: “zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate”,
“Compiled Version”: “1.2.8”,
“Linked Version”: “1.2.8”,
“zlib.output_compression”: “Off”,
“zlib.output_compression_level”: “-1”,
“zlib.output_handler”: “no value”
“Additional Modules”: {
“ionCube Loader”: null,
“sysvsem”: null,
“sysvshm”: null
“Environment”: {
“PWD”: “/hp/.php/240553”,
“SHLVL”: “0”

List of activated apps:
Admin Config Report
Deleted files
Provisioning API
Share Files
Update notification
Collaborative tags
First run wizard
Video player
A custom theme

Are you using external storage, if yes which one: no

Are you using encryption: no

Are you using an external user-backend, if yes which one: no

Client configuration

Browser: Opera 54.0

Operating system: Windows 7

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

{“reqId”:“W1XElrL@ANIAAGe8G7MAAADP”,“level”:3,“time”:“2018-07-23T12:05:44+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:“cloud-admin”,“app”:“PHP”,“method”:“POST”,“url”:"/index.php/apps/market/apps/gallery/install",“message”:“Argument 2 passed to OC_App::executeRepairSteps() must be of the type array, null given, called in /hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/lib/private/Installer.php on line 157 and defined at /hp/ch/ae/sx/www/cloud/lib/private/legacy/app.php#1072”}

Maybe you can try to update to the recent 10.0.9?

Hi Tom!

Thanks for the suggestion. Is this a known bug in 10.0.8 which is fixed in 10.0.9?

And how do I update to 10.0.9? Even when I switch the update channel to “beta” or “production”, the Web UI tells me that the installed version ( is up to date. Only after setting it to “daily”, it offers an update, but without a specific version number. And actually I don’t want to install a “daily” build that is (presumbaly) relatively untested.

To be honest, I’m thinking about going back to 10.0.7 and staying there (and just ignoring the update notifications). I think I began my “ownCloud journey” with 10.0.4 – and every update since then caused some problems :frowning:

Hey, i’m also began using ownCloud not so long ago and never had any of such issues. But i’m only doing the updated manually based on the steps provided in the documentation and not via the updater. Maybe this makes a difference?