Cannot login root - admin - user

Hi there. Realtively new to own cloud but was glad to get it up and running as an appliance on my virtual It was all working great.

Nothing has changed and I can get to the log in interface both on lan and wan.

But none of my passwords work. I know what they are, I am not entering them wrong.

Admin, Root and tghe one user account I have set up, none of them login either stating I took to long to enter the password (after literally 1 second) or that its the wrong password.

I know root password is right because I opened the console on the appliance as was able to login as root no probs.

Obviously as a result the sync plugin does not work, it keeps popping up asking for my password.

Could someone point me in the right direction on this?


Dang please ignore, when will I learn to turn things off and on again?

could you provide more infos about your problem ?

Hi the problem is solved I restated the owncloud appliance and all is well, I think perhaps it did not boot properly or something.