Cannot paste files into network drive - Windows


I have an issue with my network drive after mapping it in Windows Explorer.

So I mapped my cloud in windows, changed some settings in the registry and it connects perfectly.

Now, my issue is that when I drag files into my drive to copy them I get a message that it cannot read the file or the source. And I have two options to retry or cancel. If I retry, the error message keeps on reappearing. And I press cancel, the file appears in the cloud but I has a size of 0 Kb. Please see the image. Even though it's in French, I hope someone will recognize this error.

Can someone help me please?

I use OwnCloud 10.0.1 installed through my web-hosting cpanel in Softaculous.

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The windows webdav implementation is a bit buggy, you can verify with cyberduck or winSCP if you can reproduce this error. Check your logfiles on the server.

The latest version is OC 10.0.2:

I also encountered the same problems in win7 and win10 systems.
Oddly enough, there's no problem with WinXP.

My problem has been solvedļ¼ŒPlease try installing owncloud-9.1.6-1.1

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