Cannot upload file and create folder [interface upload not showing]

Hello everyone,

recently i has been success installed owncloud 10.2 and working properly until login, but after that i can’t upload files and create folder [interface upload not showing]

like this :

anyone can solved this,



Are you sure you are using ownCloud 10.2? This looks like a lower version. (The logo is on the right, in newer versions of ownCloud it is centred.)

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sorry this version is 10.0.2 (stable)

This is a server issue (it was originally filed in development), and in order to help you effectively we need the template filled out.

I would recommend to make sure that your ownCloud version is up to date. (10.3.1) For everything else we need to know how your ownCloud is set up (OS/Docker?/PHP version/…), but that’s what the template is for.

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i has been upgrade to owncloud version 10.3.1 but still error no display upload files

myserver using debian 9.0
nginx webserver
mariadb database


Please make sure that you use a proven nginx configuration, most docs about ownCloud will only show you how to set it up with Apache.

Make sure that single-user mode is not enabled (occ maintenance:singleuser --off) and have a look in the owncloud.log file in your data directory.

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Do you use some blocking tools in your browser or in the system preferences of your OS?

Please also take a look at the Network tab in your browser inspect console (F12). Please verify that every status reports 200.

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it seems there is a FAQ category available here:

I quickly browsed through this category and found the following topic which seems to be about this issue: