Cannot write in Notes App



In ownCloud 9.0.3 I like to use the Notes App 2.0.1,
I can open that App, but I cannot write in it.
I see a + sign and "New note", but I cannot type any text.
There is also OwnNote available where I can write, but that App is still in experimental stage and not controlled for use, so I don't use it.
In ownCloud, I' am using also Contacts with Calendar and External Sites successfully.
Many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Gaston Verhulst.



there is an open bugreport (without a solution yet) to the app developer available here:


Hello, I see in Files, there already is a directory Notes, I didn't see that before.
There I can copy and paste existing text-files, but with the + button, I can create new text files directly in ownCloud and see it everywhere on my tablet and smartphone.
So, I don't need that Notes-App any more, thus I have disabled it.
Very happy that problem is solved.
My thanks for the replies, kind regards,
Gaston Verhulst.