Can't access Owncloud on Raspberry Pi 2


Hi everyone!

And a Happy New Year to all of you.

First things first: I'm French and beginner, so please bear with me if I don't get what you guys say at first, especially when you will get technical :wink: I'll do my best anyway.

Soooo...where to begin...: I can't access my Owncloud on my Raspberry Pi for many weeks now using the online interface. When I looked into it more closely, I found out that the IP used to set it up at first wasn't the same. Doesn't work either with the new IP, can't add that new IP into the Android app, nada.
I added this new IP into config.php, zero result.

So here I am, at a complete loss! I don't know how to get to my files, and I can't find a solution anywhere online.

I believe that my description is incomplete, please let me know if you have questions.

Thanks for your help!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can you access it via SSH?

Can you connect to it directly, like by connecting it to a monitor ?


Hi dmitry!
Yes to both questions: I can access my Raspberry Pi via SSH and directly.


So, what happens if you type in your browser the ip of your Pi / owncloud?

can you send a screen shot?


Here is the message I get since I added that IP to config.php yesterday.

"Page doesn't work.
Unable to handle this request via IP for now.
HTTP error 500."

Before that, the message was that that IP was an unstrusted domain.


Can you check your config.php for errors? like a comma too much or not enough?

you also can post it here and I have a look at it


I'd rather have your help if you don't mind :grinning:

$CONFIG = array (
'instanceid' => 'ocb217a1ebf4',
'passwordsalt' => 'e6fb4a98e8ec083c91cf2353471891',
'secret' => 'b4d127204bc92a5f38962098a66b9e356a0914685cc10f74bef58825361f4822$
'trusted_domains' =>
array (
0 => '','"
'datadirectory' => '/usr/share/owncloud/data',
'overwrite.cli.url' => '',
'dbtype' => 'sqlite3',
'version' => '',
'appstoreenabled' => false,
'apps_paths' =>
array (
0 =>
array (
'path' => '/usr/share/owncloud/apps',
'url' => '/apps',
'writable' => false,
'installed' => true,


change this to
0 => '',
1 => '',


Great! It's working now! Woop woop!!!
Thank you dmitry!

I was able to log in with my browser and with the Android app.
I got rid of the previous account.

God! There are videos of my daughter there that I had forgotten about!

Thanks so much dmitry!!!


Glad that I could help you out :slight_smile:


I was just so frustrated I couldn't get it to work.
Feeling better now!