Can't access user email in users list

Hi there, I’ve taken back an old owncloud management ( and the client is asking to be able to manage users email.

To do so, I go in top right corner => users, and I reach user list. I’ve seen in the documentation that the email address is supposed to be displayed here, or that i can reach it via the gear in the bottom left corner. But none of these options are available, as displayed here:

I’ve also quickly checked in the owncloud code, but the template doesn’t seem to integrate user email.

So my question is: How can I access users email? Is it some additional plug in to set, or old owncloud version restriction?

Any help is appreciated.

I’m sure I had a v7 on my server many years ago. unfortunately I cannot remember an email field for users. So I assume, it was added in a later version.

I doubt, that nowadays support is available fir such an ancient version, especially within this forum.

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Hi alfred, and thanks for your answer. I’ve searched for details, and it seems that it’s version related… Any ideas if it’s available in a 8 version? My point is to know what to answer to the client. Should I tell him that I have to upgrade his owncloud version? To which one? Any tips regarding some changlog differences between versions?


Don’t bother with any outdated version, they are unmaintained and may contain severe security issues.
Only use supported Versions, my recommendation is to use the latest version.

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