Can't connect inside network

I'm new here and could use some help. I just setup a raspberry pi with syncloud and added the owncloud app through syncloud settings. Everything works fine when I'm not connected to the same WiFi as the Pi.
I'm not sure what version of owncloud I'm running on the Pi.
I have very little experience with linux and I'm not the most computer savvy person but I can follow directions.

The description you provided has nowhere near enough information for anyone to help you much. You provided no error messages, no logs with more technical information, etc.

To be frank, if you're not experienced with Linux it's not a very good idea to self-administer a Linux machine, especially one you plan to use as a server. Better to buy ownCloud service from a vendor which will administer it for you.

I'm sorry but there isn't much more info to provide. The error message is the webpage is unavailable when I'm connected to the same wifi as the pi. Everything works fine when I turn the wifi off on my phone or connected to a different wifi.
I thought a raspberry pi would be a good introductory way to learn linux especially since it's something I'm interested in. I chose this route over going with a vender because I'm interested in learning something new and figured that there would be a good group I could ask for help.
I believe I'm having issue with DNS resolution.
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, that could be. Or a bit related, normally your dns-name resolves to your public ip and your router then forwards to your pi. On the local network, the same ip is delivered but some routers do not router this correctly and apply the port-forwarding rules. What can help in these situations is to temper you dns resolution in your local network (some router software lets you set manual dns entries, or you could even use your pi as your local dns resolver) that your is resolved to your local ip by you local dns server. So you can connect directly to your pi in your local network without the public ip.
Unfortunately, this is more related to your router and network configuration than owncloud itself.