Can't connect to the cloud through the browser

Goodmorning everybody, I’m quite new in the Owncloud’s world but yesterday I faced the first issue.

Expected behaviour

Since now When I connected through the browser in the local network (IP/owncloud) the browser shows me as always the owncloud content.

Actual behaviour

After I tried to configure (following some suggestions funded somewhere) a static IP with no-ip service, both in the “/var/www/owncloud/config/config.php” file and in my router (vodafone revolution), when I try to reach the cloud it shows me only the router’s public IP. No error, just the public IP.

Server configuration

Operating system: debian

Can someone tell me where I’m wrong?
Thanks in advance

sorry but I really don’t understand what you meant.
I’m not able to connect to owncloud in this moment. Yesterday I was

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