Can't connect Windows Network Drive to a share of a root

Hi all, most of my Windows shares are root partitions... for example the 'Documents' share is the D: drive rather than a subdirectory within it.

When I try to connect an ownCloud 'Windows Network Drive' to this share it fails with a red square. I obviously don't specify a 'Remote Subfolder'. The error is: "There was an error with message: Icewind\SMB\Exception\ConnectException: Cannot connect to storage because the root folder is hidden. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?"

If I DO specify a valid subfolder the External Storage is created fine with a green dot... but this is not what I'm after.

I'm running an Enterprise version of ownCloud from the VMWare ESX build.

Any assistance gratefully received.


i havn't seen any support for enterprise customers in here yet. Until it is clarified if they give support for enterprise customers in here its the best to contact your support contact at for now.

Thanks very much RealRancor, I'll have a go at seeing what support I can get in that regard but thought I'd start here first as I'm only on a trial Enterprise anyway... but then again, this feature isn't available in Community is it.

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yes. Unfortunately thats the main issue here as most people reading / answering in here are not using the enterprise edition.

Thanks for testing ownCloud Enterprise! We absolutely like to provide help and encourage discussions around the Enterprise Edition as well. Its always available for people to download as virtual machine.
The issue described does exist, its a little more complex and not yet solved, therefor please give us some time to come back with a helpful reply!

Hi DrapJ

I tested and windows 2013 server that has a HD (C$ for example) where you have the root hidden folder can't be shared (The WND tells you opening a windows and explaining that is hidden), but you can add a second share with the one it works to connect, in the configuration you not need to add a subdirectory.

Let me know if you can do it otherwise I can help you testing it.

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Many thanks hodroff, I look forward to hearing more and let me know if I can assist with the testing. Regards, James

Hi cdamken, for some reason your answer was marked as a solution but it doesn't solve the problem. Also, what's 'Windows 2013 Server'? There's no such thing.
I'm not talking about the default hidden shares (D$ etc.) - I should have been more clear - I have created new shares eg. 'Documents' for the D: drive and this doesn't work. If you have been able to get this working I'd be interested to hear full details, perhaps with screenshots etc. Kind regards, James

Hi James,

I would be glad to help you having the app working fine. We could try a screen sharing if you want, that way we can solve the problem faster. I will write you a private message to arrange a meeting.

Best regards,
Carlos Damken