Can't create or write into the data directoy '/home/data/cloud'

When I install Owncloud 9.1 in Ubuntu 14.04,I want to change the data directory to /home/data/cloud .

1.The OC code is storged in the other folder(/home/wwwroot/
2.Both of the two directories are owned by user www .

Then,it comes the error-----Can't create or write into the data directoy '/home/data/cloud'

I think there is nothing wrong in the installing process.


the first step is to verify if you really got all permissions setup correctly. This can be achieved by running the following command:

sudo -u www-data ls -la /home/data/cloud

The most common issues with that messages are:

  • Wrong permissions (Webservers user has no access to that path)
  • A configured open_basedir in your PHP configuration not including that path
  • SELinux

See also the shiny new FAQ about this topic:


I am so glad to hear from you.Just follow your steps,I have installed OC 9.1 successfully with custom data directory.
Its' problem is the second step you told.In Apache conf file,I added the diretory '/home/data/cloud' and then the installation is successful.

Thank you!:blush: