Cant Download old versions from


I want to manually update from OwnCloud 7.0.4 and I'm not able to download all versions from (For example, I cannot download 8.0.0 version...)

How am I suppose to update if im not able to download? Any mirror site to get all versions?

Thank you all.

You can only download the latest maintenance releases:
so for 8.0 that means 8.0.16, latest 7 is 7.0.15

Please do all the upgrades for each major version.

Your path to get to the newest build:
7.04 -> 7.015. -> 8.0.16 -> 8.1.12 -> 8.2.11 -> 9.09 -> 9.1.5 -> 10.0

Please upgrade at least to 9.09 since 8.2 will not be supported with maintenace releases very much longer


Hi Kawohl,

Thank you so much!! I'm planning to update, yes.

Kind Regards!