Can't find driver

recently ,I use apache2.4to support https,then when I try to setup owncloud ,it prompts Error while trying to create admin user: An exception occured in driver: could not find driver ,I don't know what's wrong it,because I do not use xampp or appserv to set up the server ,I use php MySQL phpmyadmin and apche2.4,they all free installed,i Configure the development environment all by myself,so anyone can tell me what's wrong

What kind of system are you using?

I USE windows10, the verison of owncoloud is,server is apache24

Windows is not supported any more (it was until OC 7.0). If you consider running owncloud, you need a Linux system (can be a virtual machine).

So marking this as solved and closing. If you have questions how to install ownCloud on linux feel free to create a new thread.