Can't find groups to share my folders with them

Hi all,
this is probably a super basic question - but I hope that someone can help me.

I would like to share my files & folders with my groups.
I generated some groups, but I can’t find them when I try to share the file with someone.
Why can’t I find them? Any ideas? I can find the users but not the groups.


Is this feature enabled?


Hi, where can I enable these features?



Thanks. This setting is enabled, but I still can’t share my files with groups.

HI, If you have created groups, you know what their names are (group names)
So In my example I am sharing a new text file with my group family.
As I type the name family, the group name comes up under where I am typing and I can select my family group. Is this what you see?


Hi, I created a group like “family” but I can’t share the file with my group family. I can’t see the group when I try to share the document.

Good Morning,
Do you see the image?.. if you stat typing “family” or what ever your group name… what happens?
Also if you have any browser script blockers, you might want to turn them off as well.

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When I type in my groups name I get a message saying “We can’t find any groups with this name” - but this group is available in the group section


maybe you have disabled the “Share Files” app or have disabled some required options at