Can't get ownCloud 10.4.0 to work on Raspberry PI Debian 10

I have been trying for days to get ownCloud 10.4.0 to work on a Raspberry PI with Debian 10.

Now, when I try to go to ownCloud on my PI:, I just get a dump of index.php.

Does someone have a simple list of commands to install, setup, and get ownCloud running???

This is my last effort to get this going.

Hi @sgomon,
There are the manual installation instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 in the documentation:

These are the basic steps you need to take. All that should be different in Debian 10 are package names while installing. You should be able to find the new package names in Debian 10 with apt-cache search <package name>.

Otherwise I would recommend to search for a basic LAMP setup that is using mod_php. That should be enough keywords for a google search to get you going.

Sounds like you either don’t have PHP installed at all or just not enabled.
Check that you have PHP installed like so;

  • dpkg -l | grep php # make sure it is PHP 7.3 (I think that’s default in Debian 10)
    There should be a package similar to this:
  • libapache2-mod-php7.3
    Enable PHP in apache like so:
  • a2enmod php7.3
    Restart apache:
  • systemctl restart apache2

These are the PHP packages I have installed on Ubuntu 20.04, just so that you know what the output should roughly look like:

root@owncloud:~# dpkg -l | grep php
ii  libapache2-mod-php7.3                7.3.15-3                          amd64        server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module)
ii  php-common                           2:69ubuntu2                       all          Common files for PHP packages
ii  php-pear                             1:1.10.9+submodules+notgz-1       all          PEAR Base System
ii  php-sqlite3                          2:7.3+69ubuntu2                   all          SQLite3 module for PHP [default]
ii  php-xml                              2:7.3+69ubuntu2                   all          DOM, SimpleXML, WDDX, XML, and XSL module for PHP [default]
ii  php7.3-cli                           7.3.15-3                          amd64        command-line interpreter for the PHP scripting language
ii  php7.3-common                        7.3.15-3                          amd64        documentation, examples and common module for PHP
ii  php7.3-curl                          7.3.15-3                          amd64        CURL module for PHP
ii  php7.3-dev                           7.3.15-3                          amd64        Files for PHP7.3 module development
ii  php7.3-fpm                           7.3.15-3                          amd64        server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary)
ii  php7.3-gd                            7.3.15-3                          amd64        GD module for PHP
ii  php7.3-imap                          7.3.15-3                          amd64        IMAP module for PHP
ii  php7.3-intl                          7.3.15-3                          amd64        Internationalisation module for PHP
ii  php7.3-json                          7.3.15-3                          amd64        JSON module for PHP
ii  php7.3-ldap                          7.3.15-3                          amd64        LDAP module for PHP
ii  php7.3-mbstring                      7.3.15-3                          amd64        MBSTRING module for PHP
ii  php7.3-mysql                         7.3.15-3                          amd64        MySQL module for PHP
ii  php7.3-opcache                       7.3.15-3                          amd64        Zend OpCache module for PHP
ii  php7.3-pgsql                         7.3.15-3                          amd64        PostgreSQL module for PHP
ii  php7.3-readline                      7.3.15-3                          amd64        readline module for PHP
ii  php7.3-sqlite3                       7.3.15-3                          amd64        SQLite3 module for PHP
ii  php7.3-xml                           7.3.15-3                          amd64        DOM, SimpleXML, WDDX, XML, and XSL module for PHP
ii  php7.3-xmlrpc                        7.3.15-3                          amd64        XMLRPC-EPI module for PHP
ii  php7.3-zip                           7.3.15-3                          amd64        Zip module for PHP
ii  pkg-php-tools                        1.38                              all          various packaging tools and scripts for PHP packages
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