Can't login ito owncloud

Hello Team,

I just installed ownCloud on a shared hosting server, The installation went fine and I was able to login. However, the moment I enabled the AntiVirus module, I am unable to login into ownCloud. My shared host server does not have a virus scanner process.

Is there a way I can still login and check my antivirus settings or disable the app altogether?

Here is my install:

The error message I get is

Either the ownCloud antivirus app is misconfigured or the external antivirus service is not accessible. The antivirus executable could not be found at path “/usr/bin/clamscan”

I need to get past this and login into ownCloud

Manish Singh

As you are on a shared host I doubt you can run occ commands to disable/uninstall the app.
I would recommend to try to remove the files_antivirus folder from your apps folder and see if that works.
There’ll be a bunch of oc_appconfig entries in the database that you need to manually clean up. Potentially there are a few more entries I don’t know about.

This is exactly the reason why shared hosters aren’t supported…

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An IMHO far safer method is, disabling the misconfigured app directly in the database. Many hosters provide something like phpMyAdmin, which might help to achieve this.

Hint: Database ocx, Table oc_appconfig.

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