Can't login ownCloud UCS after subnet change

Hello. I installed UCS VmWare image Server ownCloud, firslty in subnet 10.16.30.*, all works fine and I always can log in correctly. But when I try to start this VmWare server on another subnet (I worked on laptop and often change offices), I can log in only to admin panel of UCS, but no to ownCloud (there is login infinity loop and then the message “log in time is too long, try again”. I can log in to ownCloud only in my homenet where ownCloud was firslty installed and configured. What must I change to working my ownCloud on another subnets correctly? Thanks.

I suspect a DNS issue, which could be fixed in the domain/network settings of UCS.

Are you accessing ownCloud via FQDN or IP address?

Also you should get a new IP address if you change networks.

I access ownCloud directly via “IP\owncloud”. So this is not the DNS-related problem. When I try to start in another network, UCS shows me the new IP after start (on the blue screen in VmWare guest), and I can access UCS adminpanel via it, but when I try “newIP\owncloud” , it shows me infinite loop-circle after login\pass entering and hitting Enter. I can record video explained the problem.

Any ideas? Maybe there is a license-related problem?

I would check the logfiles to see if a more verbose error occurs somewhere.
Start at the UCS webserver, it proxies HTTPS requests to the owncloud docker container - /var/log/apache2/access.log
Then, check the owncloud container logs. find the owncloud container name with docker ps and check the logs with docker logs <containerid>.
There is also an owncloud logfile at /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/data/files/owncloud.log

Where exactly does the error occur? Do you see the owncloud login page?

I see it, can input login and pass, hit [Enter] after that, but there is only infinite login circle at the right of the pass and nothing else.
Ok, I will bring logs soon.

Ha, today I can’t login to my owncloud anymore.
I can log in to UCS admin page, but not to owncloud. Wrong password it says. Even in homenet. What’s happened?
I try to log in under the root Administrator.
Where owncloud login errors stored?
Strange things happened, I didn’t change anything.



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In my homenet I obtain IP-address via DHCP, so, VmWare UCS obtains IP also from DHCP. I found, that I can log in to ownCloud only if it has the SAME IP as firsly configured (after fresh install). If IP changes - I can’t login. Where can I find information about restrictions of using ownCloud server on UCS in different subnets and with different IP-addresses? Is there certificate or lic-related issues? Thanks.

@poddex, how does your config.php looks like?
show us your ‘trusted domains’ from config.php.
my config.php is located in /var/www/owncloud/config/

it should look like:
‘trusted_domains’ =>
array (’,’,

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On univention vmware machine I find config.php, located at /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/conf/config.php and there is only one record in trusted domains: localhost. It’s a univention server with owncloud app inside, maybe, configs are in other place?


you could run:
sudo find /var -name config.php
in order to find all config.php files under /var, if you have more than one check the content.

On the other hand you should check UCS configuration, this looks more an UCS problem.

Best way is to have your ownCloud installed without UCS, this way you can control everything better.

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I thought that UCS is a quick solution, but it’s strange.
There are many config.php in path called “…docker…////config.php”. Thanks all, I think, installing ownCloud manually on Linux become a better solution. So, I think, this thread can be closed.