Can't open folder, also photo folder, why?

If I create a folder after the login, I cannot open this folder. Also the photo folder, because owncloud creates itself, with a new user, I can not open. I can’t see the files in the folder with a double click. Where’s the mistake?

Access permissions?

Without further information that’s my best guess.

i am the admin. i log in as admin and see the automatically first folders by owncloud. photos. there are three photo files in the photo folder, but it is not possible for me to open the folder with double click.

Yeah, to be able to see is not the same as having permissions to access.

Please have a look at the documentation and look for permissions configuration guidelines.

As I said - with no further information about your setup or what you did or how you setup ownCloud - this is the best guess.

what can i write, that you can help me? see screenshot. the double click don’t open the folder. i get Infos about the folder.

The problem is solved! I didn’t click on the folder name, but next to it. Thank for help.

Hmm, a folder is opened by a single-klick onto the folders name here. Applying double-click elsewhere opens the property sidebar.