Can't save a pdf file with changes in ownCloud

Hey guys,

one of our customers gets a lot of pdf files via mail. He opens them in the e-mail app on his iPad and edits them. Unfortunately when he wants to save the file with his changes in owncloud, the file is saved but all changes are lost.
When you open the file in GoodNotes or send it via mail all changes are still there.

Server configuration

ownCloud version:


iOS version: iOS 12.3.1

ownCloud app version:
newest from app store
Device model:
iPad Pro 12,9 2018

Do you have any ideas what is wrong?

Thanks a lot!

@Fabian_L We’re going to release a new ownCloud iOS app very soon:

It fully supports the iOS Files app, so you can read and write back from most 3rd party apps.

For testing, just open this link on your device:

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Thanks, this app solves my problem. Can you tell me the date of its release?

@Fabian_L we released it last weeks as a new app in the App Store:
A complete rewrite of the ownCloud iOS app - now available in the App Store!

Today we already released the first update with 4 improvements.

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