Can't send email


I created an owncloud server and an email server in order to send emails (notification, information, etc) to users. However, my emails just won’t send :

If you have any idea that could help me figure out what to to, thank you.

The error message looks like an issue with the sender address from reading your screenshot. Have you tested this email configuration via SMTP outside of ownCloud to ensure that you can send from that address?

If you have tested the email configuration outside of ownCloud and it works, then you’ll need to post your config here for us to help identify what is wrong.


Thank you for your answer.

I set up my dns in order to have a SMTP and MX entry.
I tried to send a SMTP request and everything seems to be ok with telnet for example.

Here is my postfix configuration :

I am at your disposal if you have any other questions.


Your first screenshot clearly says, that the sender (from address) is not accepted by the mailserver.

Double check your postfix configuration and the values mail_from_address (the part before the @ sign) and mail_domain (the part after the @ sign) in your config.php, if they correspond to an email address you are allowed to use.

If in doubt, which email address you can use, I’d suggest to contact your provider’s helpdesk, since they know about your account details.