Can't share and download files on Android via the OwnCloud app


I’ve noticed that when I use the app on Android I can’t « copy the link » when I want to share a file.
The option just doesn’t appear.

I also can’t download files via the app. I mean, OK it looks like it’s downloaded but I can’t find the downloaded files on my phone ? Is it normal ?

Environment data

Android version: Android 12 / Magic UI6
Device model: Honor 50
Stock or customized system: 256 Go
ownCloud app version: 2.21.2
ownCloud server version:

@Sky3RN you mean, copy to the clipboard, right? if you browse through the options in the share sheet, isn’t there any option to copy to the clipboard? the set of options that appears depends directly from the device, apps and vendor.

About the downloaded files, files are really downloaded and stored in your device inside the Scoped Storage. This is a Google requirement since Nov’21. If you are interested about it, please take a look to the following entry: ownCloud 2.19 for Android

Yes, copy to the clipboard. :slight_smile: I’ve already browse through the options and there’s nothing. I have an Honor 50 5G running Android 12. Don’t know if anyone else has the same issue ?

OK I’ve read this and it’s not a great thing… I need my files to be seen by other apps, in fact. Like if I download a photo or video from OwnCloud and I need Instagram to see it in order to send it to my friends or story, etc… I don’t want to go to OwnCloud app then click on the share button to send it to Instagram etc… It’s a waste of time and it’s very limited.
If there’s a way to change this or change de “Scoped Storage” folder readable I take it !

We can not get rid of Scoped Storage, since this is a platform restriction. Some improvements are in our heads to improve the user experience regarding the Scoped Storage.

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