Can't share File Links Like images ending with .png in ownCloud 10.3.1 (stable)

Hello there, I change my OC version from 8 to 10.3.1.

When update it, the File link share is not present on 10 version , anybody know how to activate this option?

Any help please Urgent!

Can you explain in a little more detail where and how you’re trying to share the files? Perhaps some screenshots would be helpful.

Are you using the WebUI or the sync client?

If you’re using the WebUI, do you have an adblocker installed in your browser? I’ve noticed that my adblocker sometimes get’s a little overzealous and removes everything that has anything with the word “share” in it.

Can you run the following occ command on your server’s command line:

occ app:list
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Hello eneubauer, thanks for your quick response,

Respect that I can’t share file links:

On OC 8, there was an option to share links ending like this: with.png

So I use this links into a HTML code to call a image from an URL.

In new version (10.3.1) the links are like this:

This version don’t have present File sharing.

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Oh so you don’t want the web page when sharing an image, you want just the image.

If you want to download it, you can just append /download to the public link and it will start the download of the image in the browser.
Like so:

If you want to have the image displayed in the browser, I recommend going to the original public link ( and right clicking onto the image and then chose “Copy image location”. Or if you click “View image” your browser will go right there.

I quickly tested it with a docker container setup and the link should look something like this (and is also available to unauthenticated users)

I pasted parts of your URLs into my link to make it as close as possible to what it should be for you.


Dear Erik,

Many thanks for your help, it helpme a lot to recover my panel alerts images:

Wiki logo:


I close the issue:

Many thanks for your help Erik.

Have a great day :wink:

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