Can't share files on external storage Amazon S3

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect to your web owncloud with a admin account

  2. Go to Admin Storage

  3. Clic on “Allow sharing on user-mounted external storages”

  4. See green “saved” message

  5. Clic on Admin Security

  6. Go back to Admin Storage

  7. Notice the issue: option disabled

Expected behaviour

Owncloud shows a success message & saves the option.

Actual behaviour

Owncloud shows a success message.

Server configuration

Operating system :
Amazon Linux

Web server:


PHP version:

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)
Most recent

Client configuration

Google Chrome Most recent

Operating system:
Windows 10


you have added the “9.0.x” tag but stating the following:

To me this seems to not fit as a 9.0 version is quite outdated and not the most recent one.

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Sorry, correct, thank you.