Can't sign theme, still get warning

The docs show this:

When copying the example theme supplied with ownCloud in apps/theme-example, make sure that you delete appinfo/signature.json. If you don’t, when you make changes, an integrity warning will be triggered, as the original theme is signed. This is slightly complicated by the fact that without the file a warning will be displayed. However, this is to be corrected in the next release, 10.0.3.

But I've got Community Edition and I'm still getting this warning.

Also, the link that explains how to sign leads to a 404.

So, what's a guy to do?

Thanks for noticing, this will be fixed.

the link should go to here

Ahh - thanks for that link.

Should I expect the warnings to also be fixed in a future release?

Can you try to change the owner of the custom theme folder to www-data and see if the error persists?

That did it!

Again - much appreciated. Time to read about hardening OwnCloud and fully understand the permissions...

Glad to hear that :slight_smile: