Can't view LDAP user list in a web interface


it takes too much time to see a LDAP user list in the web interface of owncloud.

At the same time I can successfully view users using OCC command:

sudo -u apache php70 occ user:list

How to fix it?

Thank you!


what oc version do you have?

do you have only local user or LDAP user too?

how do you have oc installed?

Hi Dmitry!

OwnCloud Version: 10.0.6 (stable)

I have only one local user: admin. All others users from LDAP. I can't see all of them from web, but I can see them from console without any problem. Also, I can login using credentials from LDAP.

Install from repository

Import LDAP users using next command: occ user:sync "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy"

Does the command with user sync succeed?

Yes, there is no any errors:

[root@owncloud owncloud]# sudo -u apache php70 occ user:sync "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy"
If unknown users are found, what do you want to do with their accounts? (removing the account will also remove its data)
[0] disable
[1] remove
[2] ask later

Analyse unknown users ...
30 [============================]

No unknown users have been detected.
Insert new and update existing users ...
29/29 [============================] 100%

Can I remove all LDAP users and try to make synchronization once again?

remove how? in the dialog of user sync? yes

Could you provide a command how to delete all LDAP users?


Should I delete LDAP config to delete users?

Just delete the LDAP Server that you have configured in owncloud

and configure it new

you can use the user sync command in between and delete the old ones