Change a star file and sharing

My name it's Artur and I new people on this forum :slight_smile:

I am interested in changing files and folders that are created once with a new user in his account (Documents, photos, owncloud manual) Can someone tell me where to look in the manual or in settings?
Is it possible to add files to a group of administrators immediately and default sharing for this group?


Hi Artur,

have a look at our documentation, and tell me if you have further questions:

Thank for help.
1. I interesting automatic sharing for selected by administrator group - in this documentation I don't see this
2. I interesting change a default folder and file - documents, photo and owncloud manual for my folders and my manual - in this documentation I dont'see this ;(

If you show me a hhe solution to my problem would be gratifying


  1. Can you explain what you mean by "automatic sharing"?
    Do you mean that you as a user can share something with a group?
    You can do that, just select a group name instead of a user name in the share dialog.
    This can not be done automatically.


I think that any user who added the file will be able to immediately share it with the administrator group. Alternatively, if you create a new user, you can automatically create a folder that is shared with the administrator group.
In the second case everything is already clear to me :slight_smile: