Change color and send email

Sorry but I have a new problem.
1. It's posibble change a color topbar?
2. It's possible send e-mail messeg when user add a file to shared folder?

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  1. Is this helpful?


Thanks dimitry,
1. Only one question - when is default templates, i don't see?
2. I don't see this option, can you check it?

Top of the page apps/theme-example and that is in your owncloud folder.

But I change color in style.css, default.php and I change logo and nothing :frowning: you have any ideas?

Have you followed the instructions in the documentation?

Sorry but change color it's working - I don't removed cache data :frowning:
But I change logo and doesen't work I change in apps/theme-example/core/img logo.svg and logo-icon.svg

E-mail message I don't see this option. Pleas talk to me where is this option in menu

Themes are apps in ownloud 10. Have you enabled the new Theme app?

What you mean talk about new Theme app. Sorry but it's my first contact with this app

Did you read that? In the documentation you can find out how to create and customize a theme

OK it's working. The problem it's Google Chrome and cache. Sorry for trouble.
I have only problem with email notifications. I dont see this option

Are you working with the activity app?

Yes. Contact app its working

Are you looking for this?

I dont have this option. Where is?

Yes I working with activity app

then you should have the same options as I have in the screenshot

In oc - admin - settings then you get this screen:

I have only this option, but I have activity app