Change default Ports for Owncloud on newest appliance

I have having an issue changing to default ports for owncloud from 443 and 80.
I have tried to change the univention/templates/files/etc/apache2/sutes-available/ssl.d/00start and univention/templates/files/etc/apache2/sutes-available/000-default.d/00start
I changed the ports to be 4433 and 8080, then restarted apache2 service
When I did that the ports I changed did not work and the server still responded on the 443 and 80.

I must be missing something.
If someone knows how to change the ports can you please let me know. I already have port forwarding setup to go to other items in the firewall so need this to listen on other ports

this could be interesting for you

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It is generally not advised to change the UCS default webserver ports. UCS expects that the webserver is listening on the default ports, so things may break in the future if you change these defaults.

I would suggest to put a reverse proxy in front of your UCS server and redirect to your UCS server depending on your requirements.

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I am going to try and do a port forward redirect from my firewall and see if that works.
If I can keep the settings the way they are and just apply firewall rules, that maybe the easiest route?

Same issue here, changed ALOT of settings, nothing has worked. I noticed a lot of internal proxy happening inside apache so not sure what they (ownCloud) are up to.

Ive also had issues getting external clients in on a domain name (says its not allowed, change config/php).

So with this in mind, how would we sit this behind another apache server, we have done this before with other https services like mail servers… had DNS issues trying to do this with ownCloud though.

We, ownCloud, are up to nothing. The networking stuff is handled by univention, so if you want to know how other users are doing it I suggest you visit the univention help forum.

“The network stuff” as you say IS your problem (or at least needs to be) as if it cant be change i cant… well… use your product.

Soooo your willing to allow another company out of your control (who you gave authority to by using there product) make decisions on your sales numbers?

I cant configure it, i cant move forward with it… all products are as good as the weakest link!

Getting to basics, i didnt choose to use univention, you did, why would i go to them to find out how to change something to use your product, your bundled it, you need to tell me how to change stuff in it, you need to have control of those settings.

However we abandoned this (before seeing this message) based on the fact we couldn’t change any settings and get it to work, although it might look great, as noted above, the weakest link blew out any sales opportunities.

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Well, as you may know you can install ownCloud many ways. The Appliance, your choice, is the one that is targeted towards users with little to none Linux knowledge. Those users only want to get ownCloud in an easy way and just use it. Experienced users will install ownCloud on a dedicated server or use the docker image, where you can change whatever you want.

Additionally, if you want to use ownCloud as a product that you can sell or sell your service to administer ownCloud for other customers, I would advise looking in a enterprise subscription which includes support and custom solutions or becoming a partner in ownCloud with access to support.

Complaining in a forum because you can’t make money with a free software is kinda wrong, isn’t it?


My over 25 years of networking experience say your perception of “images” seems very skewed.

“appliances” are used in environments where guaranteed functionally is preferred out the door, has nothing to do with experience level, granted its easier as any problems will have been negated by the vendor creating the appliance. An appliance was built by the manufacture so negates the possibility of ANY install errors as its pre-built.

We have built whole linux and Windows CE OS systems (and are deployed live), if an appliance is available this will be used over any time spent putting together a non-standard install (or home built as you might call it).

An appliance is a dedicated server, its running under the VMWare environment and would be managed as such.

My response above is “information” how the reader (you in this case) labels this is beyond our control. However using your wording, we get paid to offer “complaints” to companies, those companies call it “system testing” or “valuable feedback so we can fix the problems”. We have found only those who have no intention of want to “fix” something will call it a “complaint”. However the information and its contents are always the same. I would hope the vendor (ownCloud) would take this on board, its free and offers valuable feedback they can action for a better end user experience (be-it end user or MSP).

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i’m not sure but maybe your expectation on the appliance are too high? Once i had started using ownCloud back then i had also decide which way i should take to install ownCloud and found the following:

and is best for non-technical users


From my experiences with such appliances they are also often not that flexible and doesn’t allow such configuration changes like changing the ports and similar so the decision was easy for me to not use the appliance and do an own installation instead.