Change default user storage location

Hi all,

New to the forum and Owncloud.

I have Owncloud fully setup and working. It’s currently a clean installation with no custom configuration so far.

The first configuration I need to set up I thought would be the easiest but alas, I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. I need to change the default user storage location to use an external SMB share on the network.

Currently I can see that the admin account storage location is /var/www/owncloud/data/admin and if I create another user, that users storage location is /ver/www/owncloud/data/user. So I need to update the location of that data directory I think to live on a mounted smb share.

I have looked through the docs and also the forum but can’t find an answer which is odd as I would have thought this would be a common thing people would want to change.

Owncloud is installed on an ubuntu server with only 20GB disk space. I obviously want the Owncloud installation and config file etc to live here but any user files need to stored on the network share.

Can anyone assist me in configuring this?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



I found a solution to this here.

All updated and working fine now.



The docs you linked are brutally old and not even correct.
The mentioned article completely neglects the database entries, which in most cases will lead to a corrupted installation.

Use the original docs instead:

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Thank you.

I will have a look at that.

Seems there are some database changes I need to make.


Something weird has happened with this install. I can’t see how it could be related to the data location change. It’s all working but there were a couple of changes that were needed in the database to point to the new location for existing users which was just the “admin” account.

Are the current docs for installing Owncloud up to date? The reason I ask is that one of the instructions says to add the ondrej/php library because the php-smbclient is no longer in the main repo. In doing so has caused me some problems as this repo now references PHP 8.0.2 which is unsupported by Owncloud.

Currently, when I try to follow the steps in the link above to move the data folder I am getting a PHP incompatibility error with the OCC. Because PHP 8.0.2 has been installed via the extra repo that was added, probably when I did an apt upgrade.

To be honest I feel like I should just bin this install off altogether and start from scratch.

What is it that php-smbclient does and is that step in the installation instructions still valid and advised?



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