Change email header color problem!

Dear Users!

I want to change my email logo when i share files.I searched most of the css but i cannot find where to do this.

I looked the documentation but its useless.
Its a linux installation.
Thanks for the help!


Found it.

under my install /lib/private/legacy/defaults.php and there are $this->defaultMailHeaderColor = ‘#3953A4’;
Problem solved…should be this in the documentation.

Another question.
In the footer there is a stripe between the two editable fields.
How can i remove that? Im cannot figure it out :confused:

Thanks for the help.

Got this to.
In the default.php i have to remove the &ndash from the footer.
$footer .= ’ &ndash ’ . $this->getSlogan();
Like this.
$footer .= ’ ’ . $this->getSlogan();