Change owncloud database password

After the recent high-severity vulnerability (CVE-2023-49103) it is recommended to change
– ownCloud admin password
– Mail server credentials
– Database credentials
– Object-Store/S3 access-key
see Disclosure of sensitive credentials and configuration in containerized deployments - ownCloud for more info.

Changing the owncloud password / mail server credentials is no problem. But how do I change the database credentials?

I tried changing the password directly in the mysql database but then owncloud is now aware of the new passward.
I also checked for an occ command similar to the one when changing the admin password, but I didn’t find one.

So how do I change the database credentials such that owncloud is also aware of the change?

Note, I am running owncloud via docker.

What if you change the DB password in the config.php as well?

Nope, unfortunately not.

I had a similar issue – I have ultimately did a fresh install and re-indexed the documents. I understand that would be painful for many users.

Unrelated – is there an official confirmation that latest OwnCloud versions have fixed the three vulnerabilities announced last month? Specifically the docker versions.


maybe you have changed the “wrong” config.php file or have placed a wrong password into it? I think if you change the password in the database and use the same password in the dbpassword entry of the config.php this will definitely work.

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You may want to ask that in its own topic to increase the chance of it being seen and possibly answered.

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