Change server path

Hello all,

my owncloud is running on a subdomain (
Now I need to change my server path.

Until now: /var/www/
In the future: /var/www/

What do I have to change in OwnCloud?
Does OwnCloud recognise the change itself?
Or do I have to delete OwnCloud and reinstall it?

Many thanks for your help
Many greetings

Okay, I think I just need to adjust the paths in /config/config.php. Right?


it seems the ownCloud people are providing detailed instructions on the required steps in their documentation:

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@tom42: Thank you for your answer!

I don’t host the owncloud myself, I just use a rented web server. Therefore I am not the server administrator and have no SSH access.

But I did it bravely (adjusting the paths in config.php) and it seems to work.



i fear (if looking at the docs) that there is more then the config.php change which is mandatory to have a reliable and fully working installation of ownCloud :frowning_face: