Change the login-image/Background


I am trying to change the standard, gradient login screen to one that I have choosen. I have searched and searched, but can only find info about changing the colors of the login screen.

I want to add a image, similar to what Owncloud uses for their "test" user-login.

Please help me, and I am not very good with code. But, I have managed to apply personal logos and such using the "themes" section. But, I can only trace the background to a .css file.

Please help me - Thank you in advance!


did you had a look at the documentation how to change colors:

Hi and thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have looked at that document, but I cannot seem to understand how and were I am supposed to attach the custom image that I want uploaded as an background. I am not interested in changing the color from blue to ex. red. But, to an .png or .jpg file.

Probably also somewhere at the code. Inspect the source code of the logo which you want to change and search through the code to find the relevant part of it might be a starting point.

I will do that, thank you!

If someone else happen to have a tips, that is a little bit more straight forward - Please go ahead and write a reply.

Im going to push this one to the top. I have not managed to find the correct command line and therefore made no progress.

Please assist.

It might be helpful to write what you have done so far to solve this issue.

But if the background image is not themeable like the logos or favicons (by copying it over as described in the linked docs above) create a new feature request at:

Maybe you can also find some additional info at:

Hi and thank you for your reply.

I have searched the themes directory as well as, the css code strings. This, without any progress.

I am only guessing that this can be done, due too the look of this page:

That page has got a personal background, as far as I can see.

Thank you again.


the page is ownCloud 9.1.0 which got a new background compared to previous oC versions:

It seems the background image itself is saved into:


so it might be possible that it is just a matter of placing a new "background.jpg" (following the already provided documentation) into the folder:



Thank you very much for this reply. Very interesting.

This information is really everything I need! Lets hope changing the "background.jpg" file will do the trick later!