Change user store folder



Hi everyone,

It's possible to change only the user store folder? I want to change only the user folder location, but keep .ocdata, .htacess and all config files stored in /data folder at same place. I just want to move the USERNAME folder stored in /data folder to another place.

I know about external storage, but external storage creates a new link on the OwnCloud front-end page. I want to keep it normal, not creat a new folder to store files.

I don't know if I explained myself right, if not, I could try to explain again.




unfortunately this is not possible. You can only move the whole /data folder and that only during the installation:

Please also avoid starting experiments with symlinks:


If you're using LDAP there is a way, but it requires you to have the full absolute path of every home folder stored in an LDAP attribute. Search for "User Folder Home Naming Rule" here

For non-LDAP use cases unfortunately there is currently no way.


Thank you. I hacked the owncloud to make this work.


On a slightly related note, it would be cool to be able to move the home folders into their own subdirectory by default instead of having them directly inside of "data":