Changes in Quota behaviour with Owncloud 9

since 2 years we use Owncloud in our company, we've used the quota functionnality as this :

LDAP connection from an active Directory
In the LDAP configurator, advanced tab, default quota is set to 2GB. In the quota field, we put "title"

The behaviour was that everyone with a blank title field in his AD account property had 2 GB. For users with special needs we changed the title field in Active Directory with 3 GB for example. This has always work with 7, 8, 8.1, 8.2

Since I've updated to 9, it still works for old users but for new ones, I'm obliged to set the "quota field" to 2GB in Active Directory. If I don't, the new user is stucked with a 0 bytes free space.

Is there anyone here has the same problem ? Bug ou not ? I didn't find anything in the documentation about a change of this feature.


If it worked in the versions before, you can open a bug report. LDAP questions are rarely answered (or with important delay).