Changing Background and fonts at Owncloud 10.0.9



If i understad your way i was doing the same when i installed.
I installed loged in as owncloud/owncloud set up everything and after that i added the ldap connector app.


You have clearly now an instance which is not working if you don’t even see the plus icon to upload files. I would reinstall the Appliance.


Nope.What you want is just a simple file upload…i can upload but it is useless in this case.

The solution was not that simple, it would be grate to get this in the manual.

So i connected in winscp to the srv, copy in to my home/administrator directory the background.jpg.

After this i connected with putty to the srv loged in with admin granted root privilages, and i

used docker cp syntax to copy this file into the docker.

First i have to check my dockers id with docker ps and i saw my id.

The syntax to copy the docker was this:

docker cp background.jpg :/background.jpg and this copied to my root folder of the docker.

To copy out i used this:

docker cp :/var/www/owncloud/core/img/background.jpg background.jpg and it is copy the file to my home/administrator folder.

So hope for somebody this will be helpfull, and in the theming page this will be added.

Noh what is missing for me in the manual how can i change the size of the sentence in the footer. I was abble to move higher but i cannot find where to find the size if it.


Thanks dmitry, you are awsome!!!