Changing domain of owncloud-installation

Hello World!

Im going to update and move my oc-installation, from Debian Wheezy and OC 8.2.11 to Debian Stretch and OC 10.

In this szenario I also want to change the domain / url.
How can I change the domain stored in the client under win7?
Can I just go in the config file under appdata/local/owncloud and change the domain from 123.xy to 456.xy?

I just want to prevent a new synchronisation, because there several 100.000s of files stored in the cloud...


Hey @klausguenter! From client version 2.4 on, you can set a permanent (301) redirection on your old ownCloud domain pointing to its new location and the client will adapt on next restart. Here's the issue for reference:

Manually switching the server URL by editing the config files is unsupported (and might cause unexpected behavior) but you can find info about it on


hi there,

thx for your reply.

I moved the owncloud-installation from one server to another successfully.
It was possible to change the hostname in the config file under %appdata%/local/owncloud.

the permanent redirection was no option in my scenario.